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Advance Cyber Security

293 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Now a Days, cyber security is widely viewed as a matter of pressing national importance. Many elements of cyberspace are notoriously vulnerable to an expanding range of attacks by a spectrum of hackers, criminals, terrorists, and state actors. For example, government agencies and private-sector companies both large and small suffer from cyber thefts of sensitive information, cyber vandalism (e.g., defacing of Web sites), and denial-of-service attacks. The nation's critical infrastructure, including the electric power grid, air traffic control system, financial systems, and communication networks, depends extensively on information technology for its operation. National policy makers have become increasingly concerned that adversaries backed by considerable resources will attempt to exploit the cyber vulnerabilities in the critical infrastructure, thereby inflicting substantial harm on the nation. Numerous policy proposals have been advanced, and a number of bills have been introduced in Congress to tackle parts of the cyber security challenge. This book is designed to serve as the textbook for a semester course devoted to cyber security. It is focused on helping students acquired the skills sought in the professional workforce.
Author Bio
Dr. Manmohan Singh, working as Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IES College of Technology Bhopal India M.P. Prior to that he has more than 12+ years of teaching experience in several engineering colleges as Chameli Devi Group of Institution, Indore and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University, he completed His academic qualifications include Master in Computers engineering, Ph.D. in Computer Science and engineering. His research includes Data Mining, AI, Data Science He is having 25 + research publications in reputed International journal, International- National conferences and 9 - patents (5 published- 4 Registered). He is publishing more than 10+book is field of computer science. He is completed one DST sponsor project.