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Acidity and basicity in chemistry

266 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Acids and bases are natural components that serve critical functions in health and business. They are used in the production of common household products such as salad dressings, carbonated soft drinks, bathroom and kitchen cleansers, and fertilizers. However, these chemicals may have dramatic effects, as seen in Venus' sulfuric acid clouds and grave wax, a natural material found in soil that mummifies human and animal and remains. This book examines these interesting, yet diametrically contrasting compounds in further detail, providing solid, real-world examples and several vivid graphics. Based on the notion that the most, if not all, reactions in organic and inorganic chemistry can be explained using variants of fundamental acid–base principles, this book gives a framework for learning the topic that transcends memorization. By utilizing a variety of strategies to foster relational knowledge, it enables students to thoroughly grasp the fundamental ideas of organic chemistry.
Author Bio
Dr Saeed Farrokhpay is a Chemical Engineer with several years of experience in mineral & material processing. He obtained his PhD from University of South Australia in 2005. He is currently a Technical Consultant in Australia. He has worked for more than 20 years at mineral and chemical industries, universities and research centers around the world. Dr Farrokhpay has published more than 90 papers in high ranked journals and conference proceedings. He has also edited several technical and scientific books, and served as an editorial board member of several international scientific journals.