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A Guide to Bibliometric Studies

Arcler Education Inc
Bibliometrics is the study of the relationships between numbers and patterns in bibliographic data and use, such as the number of publications, the growth of literature, and patterns of library and data base utilization. This book will go through bibliometrics and one of its main methodologies, citation analysis. This book also looks at the applications of citation analysis. This book examines a number of alternative measures, or “altmetrics,” as well as the ethical and cultural implications of relying on metrics.
Author Bio
Dr. Shishir Yadav holds B.Lib. I.Sc.,M.Lib.I.Sc, M.Phil.,NET & Ph.d(Library Science). He is working in Central Library, CSJM University, Kanpur Last 17 Years. He has authored several research papers in international/national conference/journals. He has published two books in Library Science. He has attended several Workshop/Seminar at different places.