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Adult education and second chances

Arcler Education Inc
Adult education is promoted as a way for those who have fallen behind in society owing to a lack of education and training to be given a second opportunity through a system that has been sold to them as giving them a second chance. Adult education has the ability to assist students in increasing their social standing, level of involvement, and degree of freedom in a manner that is congruent with the values of democracy. In social contexts in which adults are significant consumers of adult education but adults themselves do not participate in adult education, the value of education and training is almost completely inverted from what it would be in contexts in which adults are significant participants in adult education. Non-participants exist in a passive or educationally immune environment. This is in stark contrast to the approach that highly educated people take to adult education, which centers on job advancement. This approach reflects the highly educated people's desire to stand out socially.
Author Bio
Dr. Emelyn Cereno Wagan obtained her Doctorate Degree major in Educational Management at Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Manila. She’s also a graduate of Master in Business Education, Bachelor in Business Education at that same university. Currently, Assistant Professor 4 and lecturer at Laguna State Polytechnic University, Graduate Studies and Applied Research; Research Unit Head at College of Business Management and Accountancy. Business Administration Program Coordinator, Former English Professor at Thai Nguyen University,Vietnam. Former Campus Director, Laguna State Polytechnic University Cabuyao Campus. Former Principal, LSPU Laboratory High School, Los Banos. She has written several Education Textbooks for college and senior high school students. A researcher, a thesis and dissertation technical editor, an extensionist and speaker in various organizations. She served the academe for almost 30 years. She was recognized and Awarded by Asia Pacific Region: “Outstanding Trusted Premier Asian Achiever in Professional Higher Education 2018”. LSPU ISO 9001-2008 Internal Quality Auditor and Model educator awardee in 2019. Ltc Wagan, also, an active volunteer, at 403rd Ready Reserve Infantry Batallion, 403rd (Laguna) Community Defense Center, 4th Regional Community Defense Group since 2015 up to the present. She was a recipient of (3M) Military Merit Medal 2020 during (HADR) humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.