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Advancement in Soil Microbiology

Preethi Kartan

270 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Advancements in Soil Microbiology is a book which focuses on the concept of microbiology and thus, provides a general perspective about the soil microbiology. A general description of the soil and soil microorganisms have been provided in the first half of this book. This book provides description about the advanced techniques that are used in soil microbiology, the relation in between soil microbiology and biochemistry and nitrogen transformation and nitrogen fixation. The insights about the concept of sustainable crop production in context of soil microbiology have been provided to the readers with the help of this book. In the second half, it discusses the current issues and the trends and future aspects of the soil microbiology.
Author Bio
Preethi is a postgraduate in Biotechnology from University of Leeds, UK. She is currently working as a Scientific Associate at one of the CRO’s in India and her interest lie in life sciences related writing.