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Bio-Based Plastics

Materials and Applications

Navodita Bhatnagar

256 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Bio-Based Plastics Materials and Applications gives a detailed insight on the various applications and uses of bio-based plastics highlighting the significance of such materials for the future use, looking at and realizing the relevance of bio-materials in the future due to the adverse effects of the materials currently in use. It provides the readers with the required information on the bio-based plastics and the related aspects on the importance of such plastics in the present world. This book also discusses about introduction to bio-based plastics, plastics made of starch, cellulose acetate and its application, chitin and chitosan, arboform and its processing and lactic acids and lipids.
Author Bio
Navodita Bhatnagar finished her masters in technology and currently pursuing her PhD in environmental sciences from Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland. She’s a keen enthusiast of environment protection and management. An alumunus of Indo-German centre for sustainibility which is essentially a collaborative interface to gather scientists in the field of environment sciences to come together and work for the common cause which is environment protection.