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Advanced Teaching Methods and Curriculum

Emelyn Cereno Wagan

275 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book is a complete guide to the Advanced Teaching Methodsand Curriculum starting from basic introduction to the advancedteaching methods to strategies to the barriers in effectiveimplementation of technology in field of Education. The bookexamines advanced pedagogy that includes innovative and latesttechniques for learning and teaching. Further to keep thereaders engaged and interested in studying this book, further,benefits of advance teaching methods and barriers in the effective implementation oftechnology in Education has been examined in greater depth.
Author Bio
Emelyn Cereno Wagan, is Director, Principal of Laboratory High School at the Laguna State PolytechnicUniversity, Philippines. She also handled supervisory position as Campus Director and has a wide knowledgeof current practice in teaching, learning and assessment in Secondary Schools and collaboratedwith colleagues both in Education and Management. She was in the academe for more than 20 years. Shehas written several books such as; Early Childhood Special Education, Big Data in Education, Critical ReligiousEducation: Transforming Teaching and Learning and Advance Teaching Methods and Curriculum.