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Advances in Beekeeping

Jaspreet Banga

442 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Advances in beekeeping is a detailed guide that discusses beehivemanagement, social apoptosis in honey bee superorganisms,and bee breeding & genomic approaches in a detailedmanner. The book discusses perception of community on beekeeping,management and constraints in beekeeping in variouslocations where this business is prominent. Ethiopia is kept infocus to explain the local honeybee subspecies, their productivecharacteristics, and behaviour. Later in the book, the genomicapproaches and bee breeding has been explained, that include Methods to estimatebreeding values, Simulating a base population in honey bee and Social genetic andsocial environment effects on a cooperative breeding bird.
Author Bio
Jaspreet Banga has completed PhD from Central Drug Research Institute, India and Master of Technologyfrom Indian Institute of Technology. Jaspreet’s interests range from Drug development, Purification,Fermentation technology, Plant Biotechnology and Oncology.