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Advances in Biomaterials innovation and Application

Preethi Kartan

444 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Innovations in biomaterials are playing a great role in its applicationin field of health care and is playing a pivotal role in developingthe treatment for cases, where no cure was available earlier.The Advances in Biomaterials innovation and Applicationdiscusses advances, innovations and applications in remedialimpact in cancer immunotherapy, as a platform for cell therapy,smart biomaterials. The Personalised computational cardiology, Biomaterial Approachesto Enhancing Neurorestoration, Approaches to Peripheral Nerve Repair along withcurrent trends, progress and challenges in biomaterials are discussed in greater detail.
Author Bio
Preethi is a postgraduate in Biotechnology from University of Leeds, UK.She is currently working as a Scientific Associate at one of the CRO’s inIndia and her interest lie in life sciences related writing.