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Agricultural Sustainability

Elisa Gomez Gonzalez

273 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Agricultural Sustainability starts with an overview of agriculturalsustainability and the factors influencing the agricultural sustainability.As agricultural sustainability is all about understandingecosystem services and can be seen as a study of relation betweenorganisms and their respective environment, this text hasbeen written to cover all these aspects. Further, sustainability inpoultry and aquaculture has been described to broaden the research and potential ofagricultural sustainability in arid and semi-arid areas has also been discussed.
Author Bio
Elisa Gomez was born and raised in Canary Islands; her personal mission is to incorporate CorporateSocial Responsibility and Sustainability in all businesses. She strongly believes in the positive impactand added value it brings to the business itself and to all. With a Master’s degree in International CorporateSocial Responsibility and with more than 7 years of experience as Sustainability expert in Internationaland Startups companies from a variety of sectors, Elisa is an expert in efficient and impactfulSustainability: Strategy definition, Implementation, Analysis, Training and/or Reporting.