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Advanced Photovoltaic Materials

Dharani Sabba

401 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Advanced photovoltaic materials discusses the development of photovoltaic materialsfrom very beginning to till date. The book discusses topics like nanoparticles, perovskitephotovoltaic cells, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Analysis, Electrodeposition, and developmentsmade in these fields over the past years. The latest developments and innovationsare discussed in detail to keep readers up to date. Developments in the field ofgraphene: its current status and future impact, embedded nanoparticle surface and itseffect on plasmonic organic photovoltaic devices. Further advanced light managementtechniques for solar cells are described in detail.
Author Bio
Dharani Sabba worked as a Research Fellow in Energy Research Instituteof Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N), Singapore, on investigatingnovel semiconductor and photoactive materials for opto-electronic applications.She also obtained her Ph.D in Materials Science from NanyangTechnological University. Her research interests encompass developmentand synthesis of novel nanomaterials, investigation of their properties andtheir application in renewable energy sector.