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Application of Biotechnology in Pulp and Paper Processing

Preethi Kartan

384 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Application of biotechnology in pulp and paper processing describes the techniqueslike enzymes engineering, molecular biology, proteomics, genetic engineering genomicsalong with metabolomics and bioinformatics. These biotechniques in 21st centuryhave helped in development of pulp and paper sector in terms of economic feasibilityand designing. As described, biotechnology is known for increasing cost efficiency,product quality and developing environment friendly processes. Further, readers havebeen provided with some extended topics like Biodegradation of Endocrine-Disruptingchemicals and residual organic pollutants of pulp and paper mill effluent by bio-stimulation.
Author Bio
Preethi is a postgraduate in Biotechnology from University of Leeds, UK.She is currently working as a Scientific Associate at one of the CRO’s inIndia and her interest lie in life sciences related writing.