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Computing and Random numbers

Zoran Gacovski

328 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Computing and random numbers examines various aspects of random numbers and variablesincluding an extensive overview of Computing and random numbers. It includesImplementation of Hardware-Accelerated Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators,True-Randomness and Pseudo-Randomness in Ring Oscillator-Based True Random NumberGenerators, Random Route and Quota Sampling: Do They Offer Any Advantage overProbably Sampling Method and Fuzzy -Means and Cluster Ensemble with Random Projectionfor Big Data Clustering. It provides the reader with insights into the developmentof its history, so as to understand the social emotional optimization algorithm with randomemotional selection strategy, lymph diseases prediction using random forest and particleswarm optimization, challenges of internal and external variables of consumer behaviourtowards mobile.
Author Bio
Dr. Zoran Gacovski has earned his PhD degree at Faculty of Electrical engineering,Skopje. He has published over 50 journal and conference papers,and he has been reviewer of renowned Journals and awarded by Fulbrightpostdoctoral fellowship (2002) for research stay at Rutgers University,also USA best-paper award at the Baltic Olympiad for Automation control(2002). Currently, he is a professor in Computer Engineering at EuropeanUniversity, Skopje, Macedonia.