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Atlantic Canada's Greatest Storms

Dan Soucoup

232 pages
Nimbus Publishing
Wind, waves and snow: Atlantic Canada has experienced more than its share of dramatic and tragic storms. In this accessible narrative, author Dan Soucoup takes readers from the eighteenth century to present day, as he details the blizzards, floods, tornadoes—and even tsunamis—that have brought havoc to the East Coast.
Author Bio
Chapter One: 1745 Grand Armada Tragedy
Chapter Two: 1775 Independence Hurricane
Chapter Three: 1851 Yankee Storm
Chapter Four: 1869 Saxby Gale
Chapter Five: 1873 Great August Gale
Chapter Six: 1885 The Tragic Labrador Disaster
Chapter Seven: 1900 Galveston Hurricane Comes to Canada
Chapter Eight: 1905 Year of the Deep Snow
Chapter Nine: 1907–1933 Blizzards & Railway Collisions
Chapter Ten: 1921 & 1959 Avalanche at The Battery
Chapter Eleven: 1924 The Summer Calamity of '24
Chapter Twelve: 1926­–1927 Bluenose Survives the Sable Island Gales
Chapter Thirteen: 1927 Newfoundland's August Nightmare
Chapter Fourteen: 1929 Newfoundland Tsunami
Chapter Fifteen: 1932–1938 Storms and Disasters of the Thirties
Chapter Sixteen: 1959 Escuminac Disaster
Chapter Seventeen: 1973 Harbour Breton Landslide
Chapter Eighteen: 1982 Sinking of the Ocean Ranger
Chapter Nineteen: 1991 The Perfect Storm
Chapter Twenty: 1993 A Gypsum Boat and a Superstorm
Chapter Twenty-one: 2003 Hurricane Juan
Chapter Twenty-two: 2010 Hurricane Igor
Chapter Twenty-three: 2013 The Miss Ally Hits a Nor'easter
Chapter Twenty-four: 2015 Deep Freeze
Chapter Twenty-five: 2016 Cape Breton's Thanksgiving Day Flood
Chapter Twenty-six: 2017 Ice Storm