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Mercy, Mercy

A Novel

Marlene Stanton

300 pages
Nimbus Publishing

Smart, sarcastic TV reporter Mercy Pepper struggles with feelings of guilt after her cameraman dies while on assignment with her. A news tape that he had hidden in his personal effects contains a secretly recorded conversation, and Mercy picks up the scent of corruption. She soon finds herself mired in the muck of provincial politics—the power brokers and the opportunists and those willing to go to extreme measures for a piece of the pie.

With a keen observer's eye and sharp, sparkling wit, Stanton, a former news reporter, delivers a compelling crime/mystery story with a satisfying dash of romance.

Author Bio
Marlene Stanton was born in London, England and came to Canada at the age of three. In Ottawa, where she grew up, she decided to study journalism at Carleton University. It meant leaving the Ottawa Ballet Company, where she had been a soloist. In Vancouver, she was associate editor and features writer for a performing and visual arts magazine called Performance. And in Charlottetown, she spent more than twenty years with CBC as a television news reporter, documentary writer/producer and assignment editor. She now lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mercy, Mercy is her first book.