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Capitol Murder

Mike Brogan

368 pages
Lighthouse Publishing

Madison Parker wins a major advertising assignment for USMed national health insurance that will cover all Americans for all their healthcare.

But the highly profitable pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are against it and will try anything to stop it. How far will they go? All the way.

Suddenly, certain senators and congress members are dying in mysterious ways. No one can figure out how.

As Madison and her best friend, Senator Ellie Nelson, get closer to discovering who's behind the killing of congress members ... Madison and Ellie find themselves running for their lives.

Author Bio

MIIKE BROGAN is the Writers Digest Award Winning author of BUSINESS TO KILL FOR, a suspense thriller that WD called, "the equal of any thriller read recent years."His DEAD AIR thriller also won national awards, as did his MADISON'S AVENUE.

His years in KENTUCKY, gave him a unique perspective in writing KENTUCKY WOMAN . AND his years living in London and Brussels, narrowly escaping terrorist bombs, gave him the background to write BREATHE and CAR WARS .... and now CAPITOL MURDER.

Brogan lives in Michigan, where he's completing his next mystery suspense thriller.