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G 8

A Suspense Thriller

MikeJ. Brogan

Lighthouse Publishing
Donovan Rourke, a CIA Special Agent, discovers a man named Katill will assassinate the world’s eight most powerful leaders at the G8 Summit in Brussels in three days. The President asks Donovan to handle G8 security. Donovan agrees… but reluctantly. His wife was murdered there, and he blames himself. In Brussels, he sees the leaders are walking into the assassin’s trap… and that it’s too late to save them.
Author Bio
Mike Brogan is the Writer’s Digest award-winning author of BUSINESS TO KILL FOR, that they called “the equal of any new thriller read in recent years.” In G8, his riveting new thriller—a CIA agent learns that the man who killed his wife is about to kill the G8 Summit leaders… and once again he can’t stop the man!