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Nellie in Knots: The Dog Olympics

With Techniques and Tips for Managing Anxiety

116 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Hilarious, heartwarming, and secretly packed with tips from a clinical psychologist, the second book in the Nellie in Knots series is the perfect read for fearful kids.

Since overcoming her anxiety and appearing in the school talent show, things have been going well for Nellie. She’s become the lead choreographer for the after-school dance club, she’s been having weekly sleepovers at her grandparents' house, and she’s part of the Sparkle Club, where she, Emmie, and Carly help other kids in the neighborhood.

But recently, a big, fluffly, goldendoodle named Rufus broke off his leash and chased her down the street. Now she’s terrified of dogs to the point that she won’t walk outside, stay for the after-school dance club, or sleep over at her grandparents. Worse yet, she’d been training her grandparents’ dog, Harry, to compete in the local dog Olympics, and he won’t be able to go if she doesn’t help him keep practicing.

Can Nellie overcome her dog fears in time? With the support of her friends and some techniques from Dr. Neederburger, she sure can!

“Nellie is a treasure who deserves to find a home on every bookshelf!!! She is so beautifully relatable, and her life experiences will help even the most anxious child feel that they are no longer alone. This is an incredible gift for any individual who has felt the sting of rejection or a sense of being different. I cannot wait to watch Nellie grow up and share more of her life-changing trials and tribulations!”—Melissa Bernstein, author of LifeLines and creator of Melissa and Doug Toys (review of Nellie in Knots: Talent Show Trouble)

Author-psychologist Amy Neeren, PhD, weaves in practical tips and practices to help kids take control of their own fears and anxiety.