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The Worst Wizard: Awkward Magic

The Worst Wizard 1

264 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

On the Battle School social ladder, Wizzies fall somewhere below tooth infections and snail-flavored birthday cake. My future was magic spells and robes made out of tablecloths.

Not if I could help it. 

It's Ned's first year at Battle School. For eleven years, he's dreamed of becoming Carnac's most legendary Knight-but that was before he found out he had magic. To Ned's horror, Coach kicks him out of Knight training, and he's packed off to the Wizzie House for magic lessons. When a ghost starts following Ned everywhere, it's official: Ned has had enough of magic. But when Carnac's prince is mysteriously kidnapped and rumors begin of the Dragon-Witch's return, will Ned have to embrace his magic once and for all to save the kingdom? Or will everything end in a pile of dragon snot and poopy hedgehogs? Find out in The Worst Wizard, a hilarious tale of Yeti Babies, one-eyed cats, cantankerous janitors, and swords that recite poetry.