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The Little Book of Shells

A Guide to Shells and the Amazing Creatures Who Make Them

Forrest Everett

96 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Learn to identify some of the world's most beautiful shells and meet the creatures who make them!

The Little Book of Shells, part of the Little Library of Natural History, introduces kids to the remarkable underwater world of mollusks, nautiluses, sand dollars, and the enchanting homes they leave behind.

Gorgeous vintage artwork by some of the world's most enduring nature illustrators fill this irresistible volume.

From the book:

There are certain seashells that are simply iconic, and the shell of the conch snail is just that! This predatory marine gastropod has a medium to large colorful, ornate shell and a high, curled spire. Some varieties also have knobbed spines on top and a flared and thick outer lip. Though rare, a conch can sometimes even produce pearls inside its shell. Depending on the environment, the pearls might be pink, white, brown, or even orange. These amazing creatures can live around thirty years and can be both herbivorous and carnivorous, depending on the type. Even with their strong, thick shells, the conch can still fall prey to other snails, who bore a hole through the shell, and to various species of octopus.