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The Roberts

Michael Blumlein

94 pages
Tachyon Publications Llc
Robert Fairchild is a genius.
He is also lonely.

Dubbed ?the one-eyed architect,” Robert and his innovative buildings are praised to the skies. Suddenly his masterpiece, a dome made from a living membrane, collapses in on its inhabitants. Meanwhile his relationships disintegrate as he chooses his work over his lovers. Reeling from failure and paralyzed by self-doubt, what Robert needs is inspiration.

Robert needs Grace.

Unable to find someone to love, Robert decides to craft his perfect woman. But creating a woman is far more complicated than creating a building. Although Robert adores the lovely and compassionate Grace, he finds himself once again subsumed by his work. Their attempt at compromise has entirely unforeseen consequences. Suddenly trapped in a game of passion and jealousy, Robert is forced to confront all that is dearest to him: his work, his love for Grace, and, hardest of all, himself.
Author Bio
Michael Blumlein was the critically-acclaimed author of The Movement of Mountains; X,Y; and The Healer. X,Y is the basis for the movie of the same name directed by Vladimir Vitkin. Blumlein's collection of short stories, The Brains of Rats, won the 1991 Readercon Award. His second short-story collection was published by Centipede Press. Blumlein lived in the San Francisco Bay Area.