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Faith: More then You Think

344 pages
No Greater Joy Ministries
Faith: More Than You Think is a chronological journey through the Bible, a collection of sixty-four Bible stories, with some personal stories thrown in to make the point. Many of the stories have a beautifully illustrated full-color painting that will capture the imaginations of your children. It is a serious examination of biblical faith set against the so-called “faith movement” so popular today, but much of it reads like a storybook the children will love. I read it to my grandchildren, one story at a time, and it provoked even the five-year-old to ask very serious questions. Most of the stories can be read in five to ten minutes. It will be a perfect family devotional reader. Pastors will find material for many sermons. This is probably the most important book I have ever written. It reflects a lifetime of study. It is going to shock 99% of my readers. You are going to wonder how you ever got pulled so far astray. But as you read it, your soul will sing with joy and appreciation for God's eternal purpose in your life.
Author Bio

Michael Pearl was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, in a good home, by parents who were faithful to point him to God. Mike, a graduate of Crighton College in Memphis, has been active in evangelism and the work of the Ministry since he was a teenager. He worked with Memphis Union Mission for 25 years, while he also ministered in hospitals and churches to the many military families in Memphis. Mike also pastored churches during that period. About twenty two years ago, Mike and his wife Debi moved to rural Tennessee where they continued in the work by holding Bible studies in local homes, which eventually led to regular meetings of the local body of believers, and the starting of the prison ministry.

God eventually led them into the ministry of writing on child training and family relationships, which they now feel is their life's work and calling. The result of this work led to the formation of No Greater Joy Ministries (NGJ), a 501(c)(3). The web address is www.nogreaterjoy.org. The largest project that NGJ has ever been involved in is the Good and Evil Project, a work to translate the Illustrated Bible Storybook Good and Evil (G & E) into 100 languages. G & E has 25 languages in print, and another 40 languages in the process of being translated or edited. The book is available in black and white and full color in English and Spanish.

In addition to the child training ministry, the work of the prison ministry, missions, and Bible studies, the Pearls have an active family life.