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Create a Better Brain through Neuroplasticity

A Manual for Mamas

Debi Pearl

280 pages
No Greater Joy Ministries
Practical neuroplasticity can truly be life changing for children dealing with ADHD, Autism, and brain damage. You will learn how to change your child's brain so they can be happier, more self-disciplined, self-confident, and self-motivated (Mama too)! Help your child become the leader of the pack, excelling in all academics. Be amazed as you learn how music and physical activity causes the brain to actually increase in volume. On the flip side, we will examine activities and mindsets that will cause damage to the brain. Learn from the latest medical research, read quotes from the best doctors in the field of neuroplasticity, and enjoy riveting, real-life stories of neuroplasticity in action.
Author Bio
Debi Pearl has been married to her true love, Michael since 1971. Together they have authored over 20 books. Their writings are read around the world in over 60 languages. They are parents to five and grandparents to 25 - and counting.