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No Limits No Regrets

Bouncing Off the Redline of Adrenaline Addiction


254 pages
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Axe doesn’t suffer from addiction. He relishes it. Ever since an open heart surgery tested his metal, everyday challenges just haven’t been enough. Despite living the good life in Texas, his girlfriend, Sunshine, knows as well as he does that no matter how happy Axe might be, he’ll always have demons inside to battle.He trades his current ride, the Goat, for its steroid-pumped younger cousin, the Cadillaxe. After equipping the triple black beauty with mirror-mounted radar detection and thermal vision, he takes a test run to Colorado and back. Next he finishes building the most exotic chopper of his career and rides this chrome steed to Daytona Beach. But neither of these vehicles or trips are enough for his insatiable need for adrenaline.Finally, the idea of riding his BMW S1000RR motorcycle from the Pacific to the Atlantic consumes his twisted mind. Axe prepares by modifying the BMW, installing the latest gadgetry, and training. Eventually, brains pass the torch to balls as it becomes clear the task is not intended for the weak or sensible. Through pure determination, the leather-clad biker shatters the record for the fastest motorcycle ride across America.
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Axe has spent over half his life riding and building motorcycles. His wide-open-throttle lifestyle has made him an unfortunate expert in self-destructive addictions, including his current unquenchable thirst for adrenaline. Axe currently lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his dog, Baron, and the Cadillaxe, Gripper Chopper, and record-breaking BMW S1000RR.