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Scream for Me

Elizabeth Washburn

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Just when the first woman detective in South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Elizabeth Bowlyn, thinks she has found small-town bliss, a sexual sadist serial killer has descended into her quiet town of Arcadia Lakes. He leaves a mutilated body practically in her backyard at the local golf course. Chosen to head up the task force charged with capturing Carver, Lizzie battles insecurities in her professional and personal life that jeopardize both finding the killer and ultimately her own fate.
Author Bio
Writing mysteries and thrillers with a touch of romance, Elizabeth Washburn is a mom first to four fantastic kids. She lives at the Jersey shore with her husband and three dogs, juggling the many roles in her life: mother, wife, writer, and prolific community volunteer. She loves when the family can get together, enjoying every moment. She has pursued a variety of careers: law offi ce manager, market research analyst, artist, and math and Spanish teacher. She has moved on to her pastime of writing and hopes to bring all the stories in her head for all to enjoy. Find her on Facebook, or Twitter @Elzbthwashburn, or contact her at Elzbthwashburn@gmail.com.