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A Choice

Book 1

Sharuthie Ramesh

130 pages
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Kyra Rumblen Count has always been told that with great power comes great respnsibility, but with great responsibilities, come great choices, and great choices come with great consequences. Now that Kyra has turned eighteen years old, she realizes that what she was told at a young age is true. She must make the right decisions or face the consquences that may come with them-one that may end in a blood-pouring situation. Follow Kyra as she meets new people, encounters old friends, and discovers that love is more deadly than she thought. In this epic story, choices will be made, trust will be broken, love is now dangerous...and there are shocking twists that will make you doubt whom can you trust.
Author Bio
My name is Sharuthie Ramesh. I’m 13 years old, and I live in Toronto, Ontario, with my mom, my dad, my puppy named Jack Frost, and my bird named Bobo. I’m a double black strip in Karate, a percussionist, and a Bollywood/Hip-Hop dancer. “A Choice” is the first book I have written. I love to write poems, but my specialty is writing romance and horror stories. I would like to become a microbiologist and I want to build a school somewhere in the world. My free time consists of writing, reading, and dancing, and my rule in life is, “Stay Pure!”