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Addiction on Trial

Tragedy in Downeast Maine

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Doctor Steven Kassels has had the privilege of treating patients from all walks of life during his years of practice in both Emergency Medicine and Addiction Medicine. He believes that everyone deserves compassion and access to medical care regardless of the nature of the illness. He wrote Addiction on Trial to both entertain and educate, and to depict the struggles of addiction for an audience of avid readers who may expand their understanding of addiction on the basis of evidence.Doctor Kassels lives in Downeast Maine and Massachusetts with his wife, Ali; and enjoys spending time with their four children and life partners; and four delightful grandchildren. Dedicated to his work in Addiction Medicine, he is also passionate about tennis, backcountry skiing, biking, music, and the Boston Red Sox.Author Steven Kassels, M.D. turns his Addiction Medicine and Emergency Medicine experiences into a journey of suspense while exploring love and loss, family dysfunction, and the what ifs of lifeand the journey will continue in the next Shawn Marks Thriller, Lost to Addiction