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Alex Andrews

I Can Read Now!

Mary Pulvano

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Alex Andrews, is a 7 year old little boy who struggles with his reading. Alex learns that he is not the only child in his class that is having problems with their reading. Alex begins to regain his confidence and in doing so, he faces his problem and finds that he does have the ability to read well in front of his class. Alex Andrews—‘I Can Read Now!” is an educational and inspirational story that is still fun. A young child who is struggling with an obstacle, especially a schoolwork-related problem, might find a role model in Alex Andrews. A parent might enjoy reading “Alex Andrews: I Can Read Now!” with a child to set the stage for a discussion about how to overcome a difficulty by setting a goal and working hard to achieve it.
Author Bio
Mary Pulvano is a loving mother of three. Inspired by her youngest child to write this book, she hopes that this story highlights the need for all of us to help our children to improve their lives with a little assistance and loving understanding.