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Aloer—the Money Tree

Rhett Ogston Talia Ogston

24 pages
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Aloer is a nonhuman life form with a difference. Aloer is a money tree. Aloer has been sent from another galaxy (a planet called Ixis) to Earth to perform some good deeds in order to become a senior tree back on Ixis and to assist humanity with some of their own environmental and emotional issues. This goodwill mission sounds straightforward, but as Aloer discovers, the inhabitants of Earth may not have the same idea—in fact, some humans do not care for the environment at all and even wish to destroy it to make money. What can Aloer do all alone? It is only then that she meets an uncharacteristically caring young boy who seems to understand the real reasons behind Aloer’s visit. Can they work together to overcome the issues that face our world? Only time will tell.

Author Bio

Rhett Ogston still sees the world with wonderment and childlike innocence because his mother always raised him to stay young and never grow up. Rhett hopes that children will be inspired by the message in this book just as he was inspired by Mother Talia to write it. Talia Ogston has been called "Mum" by hundreds of children over the years. She is a passionate and devoted mother of two boys. Her love and joy of life, the environment, and children has definitely been passed on to the next generation.