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Loving Difficult People at Difficult Times

A Path Towards Enlightenment

C.E. Herman

218 pages
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Why do we need to be exposed to difficult people? How do we deal with them at home, at work, or in life in general? This book is a journey from fear and disempowerment to a bigger, better understanding of conscious living. From glimpses into another, deeper reality, author C. E. Herman asks: Who are the difficult people? What motivates them? Who are we to judge them? How do other dimensions of reality help us learn to accept and love ourselves? What are the essential ingredients in learning to love other people unconditionally? How do we love in difficult situations? By sharing unique personal stories and the insights of remarkable people, this book’s simple message can transform the way you see the world and help bring love and hope even when faced with the most difficult people and difficult times.
Author Bio
C. E. HERMAN was born in Europe, where she graduated with a master’s degree in physics and began her career as a scientist. Her adult life has been spent in Australia, where she lives with her husband; she is mother to four young men and has enjoyed a long career as a teacher and translator. In recent years she began her own journey of spiritual discovery. This led her to re-examine her tumultuous childhood and listen to the experiences of some remarkable people. It also encouraged her to make new conclusions about life. This volume offers the first revelations of these conclusions.