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The Secret at St. Marys:An Adventure with Cosmo the Dog and Bronte the Cat

An Adventure with Cosmo the Dog and Bronte the Cat

Gino Gammaldi

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Based on the characters who live in a bayside suburb where everyday life is happy and fun. Cosmo is a lovable golden-haired Kelpie-Labrador who always wants to walk everywhere and experience new things. Bronte is a gray-and-white moggy cat that likes to visit her friend, Cosmo, whenever she can. She always looks for new things to do, and in this story, she finds out about a real secret that nobody is supposed to know. So she convinces Cosmo to help her find out what the secret is at St. Mary’s. Of course, they get into all sorts of trouble as they go from place to place and meet lots of different and interesting people.
Author Bio
Gino lives in Altona Meadows, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. He is married to Grace, and they have three children and six grandchildren. He spent twenty-six years in corporate management in the field of sales and marketing until in 1998, he decided to retire from this and concentrate more on community-based activities. He was inducted into the office of Justice of the Peace by His Excellency, the Governor in Council, in 1999; and a few years later, he was appointed a civil celebrant by the federal attorney general.