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Tea with Elisabeth

Fern Stewart Welch Rose Winters

Quality of Life Publishing Co
This award-winning book features fifty-one essays celebrating the life and work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., the Swiss-born physician who changed the way the world views death and dying and the founder of the hospice movement. Essayists include celebrities and best-selling authors such as Muhammad Ali; Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York; Marianne Williamson; Doreen Virtue; Raymond Moody; Carolyn Myss; Stephen Levine; and Bernie Seigel. Kubler-Ross was named one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century by Time magazine and is considered by many to be one of the most heroic and influential women of all time. She authored twenty books published in twenty-seven languages, including her seminal book, On Death and Dying. As Muhammad Ali writes, It is not coincidence that the woman who taught us so much about death and dying as a process was truly the greatest champion of life.
Author Bio
Fern Stewart Welch, executive editor and co-contributor, is a veteran writer and author. Her newest book is You Can Live a Balanced Life in an Unbalanced World. Rose Winters, associate editor and co-contributor, is a documentary film producer. Her film, Finding Hearts at Peace, was recently purchased for broadcast in the Middle East. Ken Ross, Elisabeth's son, is photography editor and co-contributor of Tea with Elisabeth. His photographic work has been exhibited across the U.S., Japan, the Philippines, and Mexico. His first book, Real Taste of Life, was a collaborative effort with his mother.