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Following the Way Fellowship of Prayer 2018

A Lenten Devotional

56 pages
Chalice Press

Ash Wednesday is February 14, 2018.

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? How do we walk with him along the way? Our annual Lenten devotional offers daily reflections and prayers to help guide and deepen your journey with Jesus this Lenten season. Purchase copies for yourself and all members of your congregation!

Author Bio

For over 10 years The Bethany Fellowships has been encouraging young pastors in their earliest years of ministry. This ministry was born out of the intention of strengthening congregations of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) by helping newly ordained, young pastors transition from seminary to sustained congregational ministry with a strong and healthy pastoral identity. Research indicated 1/3 of young ministers may leave congregational ministry in their first five years. The good news is that Bethany Fellowships is helping to change that reality for Disciples pastors and congregations.

This ministry provides 4 years of support and encouragement by offering 2 retreats each year and helping young pastors develop a rhythm of spiritual practices and patterns for a life time of ministry. While on retreat the Fellows receive the prayerful support of experienced pastors/mentors and the encouragement of significant collegial relationships. The retreats also include visits with dynamic congregations, fueling creativity and insights to share with their congregations. Through The Bethany Fellowships young ministers are better able to navigate the beginnings of a pastoral vocation, as well as crucial young adult life transitions, building confidence and strengthening leadership.