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Eldership at the Lord's Table

Rev. Lara Blackwood Pickrel

32 pages
Chalice Press
Eldership at the Lord's Table was written to meet the needs of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) elders in the 21st century. Elders in particular congregations may minister in a variety of ways, but the one common ministry setting for elders throughout the denomination is weekly ministry at the Lord's Table. This resource is designed to give elders the instruction and assistance they need for their Table Ministry without expecting them to read a lengthy volume on history and theology. It provides the reader with a concise history of Table eldership with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a brief treatment of common Disciples' theology of the Lord's Supper, helpful hints on how to craft meaningful and brief communion prayers for both bread and cup, examples of communion prayers, and annotated lists of resources that can be consulted by elders if they would like to study further or seek assistance in other areas.
Author Bio
Lara Blackwood Pickrel is an ordained minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and currently serves as Associate Minister for Youth & Young Adults at Hillside Christian Church in Kansas City, MO. She considers the following things crucial to her character: a passionate love for black jellybeans; a desire to help people of all ages to find wholeness through relationship with God, one another, and themselves; a love for words, books, and eloquent turns of phrase; and soul-friends who are companions on the journey.