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Site of Deportation, Site of Memory

The Amsterdam Hollandsche Schouwburg and the Holocaust

Frank van Vree Hetty Berg David Duindam Vivien Collingwood Emile Schrijver Joost Groeneboer Esther Göbel Annemiek Gringold

208 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The Hollandsche Schouwburg is a former theatre in Amsterdam where, during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, tens of thousands of Jews were assembled before being deported to transit and concentration camps. Before the war, the theatre had been an example of Jewish integration in the Netherlands, and after the war it became a memorial for the Jewish victims of Nazi persecution. This book is the first international publication to address all the historical aspects of the site, putting it in a broader European and historical context.
Author Bio
Frank van Vree is an historian and professor of journalism at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Hetty Berg is chief curator and manager of museum affairs of the Jewish Cultural Quarter, Amsterdam. David Duindam is researcher and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam. Rob de Wijk is the Director of the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) and Professor of International Relations and Security at the Campus the Hague of Leiden University. He was previously a Professor in the field of International Relations at the Royal Netherlands Military Academy and Head of the Defense Concepts Department at the Dutch Ministry of Defense.