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Roots of Nationalism

National Identity Formation in Early Modern Europe, 1600-1815

Lotte Jensen Gregory Carleton Lieke Deinsen Cesc Esteve Azar Gat Andrew Hadfield David Bell Jane Judge Laszlo Maracz Alan Moss

342 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This collection brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines to offer perspectives on national identity formation in various European contexts between 1600 and 1815. Contributors challenge the dichotomy between modernists and traditionalists in nationalism studies through an emphasis on continuity rather than ruptures in the shaping of European nations in the period, while also offering an overview of current debates in the field and case studies on a number of topics, including literature, historiography, and cartography.
Author Bio
Lotte Jensen is Associate Professor of Dutch Literary History at Radboud University, Nijmegen. She has published widely on Dutch historical literature, cultural history and national identity.