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Elementary and Grammar Education in Late Medieval France

Lyon, 1285-1530

Sarah Lynch

192 pages
Amsterdam University Press
The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries saw a marked increase in the availability of elementary and grammar education in Europe. In France, that rise took the form of a unique blend of trends also seen elsewhere in Europe, ranging from Church-dominated schools to independent schools and communal groups of teachers. Lyon, long a crossroad of ideas from north and south, was home to a particularly interesting blend of approaches, and in this book Sarah Lynch offers a close analysis of the educational landscape of the city, showing how schools and teachers were organised and how they interacted with each other and with ecclesiastical and municipal authorities.
Author Bio
Sarah Lynch holds a B.A. (Hons) from University College Dublin and a M.Phil. from Trinity College Dublin. She recently completed her PhD at the University of Leeds on late medieval education in France.