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Generic Specific Continuum

Julio Salcedo / Scalar Architecture

Luis Rojo de Castro Julio Salcedo Ivan Rupnik

168 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
This book presents the work of the New York based, Spanish architect Julio Salcedo in a series of built and speculative projects. Salcedo’s houses, early achievements that stunned both academic and professional circles with their fresh originality and precocious sophistication, are presented along with unpublished competition proposals for large-scale buildings. The projects’ varying locales, scales, and ambitions all demonstrate a commitment to architecture as a conceptual medium with the capacity to tackle complex ideas as well as a material practice of transformative, worldly practicality. Each is a built essay that works through architectural problems of form, construction, and material to achive thought-provoking resolutions of a difficult yet satisfying beauty. The book complements a thorough graphic documentation of selected projects with Salcedo’s own writings and critical essays by Luis Rojo de Castro and Ivan Rupnik. They situate the projects in Salcedo’s multi-faceted conceptual and professional world and place them in the context of the constellation of ideas that currently shape and propel the field. “Julio Salcedo’s ongoing interest in landscape and urban design has informed his architectural work, producing a rich, invested and responsible practice.” Rafael Moneo.