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Artron Art Center

Urbanus - Masterpiece Series

Wendell Burnette Jie Wan Vladimir Belogolovsky

256 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Artron is the foremost printing enterprise in China. As the core project of Artron’s printing culture industry, the Artron art website is actively setting up to create archives for artists. Moreover, since the site is at the periphery of the city, the art center will need to be conceived with a one-stop multi-service printing facility and cultural center. The site of Shenzhen’s Artron Art Center is located on the city edge, surrounded by three highways. In order to keep away from the noisy and chaotic environment, the building is idealized to be a landmark to define this area. Since the main view of this building will come from the three adjacent highways, the building shape should be continuous and integrated with the large-scale urban infrastructure to form a dialogue between the two. Taking into account the volume as a whole, the architects must think about how to digest this huge volume. On the one hand, on the premise of integrity and continuity, the gaps between the different parts of the volumes were created to bring people the comfortable visual impression when walking in this territory.