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The Bali Villas

BEDMaR & Shi: Boxed Limited Edition

Darlene Smyth Albert Lim Koon Seng Oscar Riera Ojeda

200 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Perched on the spectacular southwest coast of Bali, this award winning villa by BEDMaR & SHi is Ernesto Bedmar’s long awaited first project on the island that has so inspired his successful career. The exquisitely designed villa was given the name The Jiva Puri, where “Jiva” in Hindu religious texts denotes the immortal essence of a living organism or being and “Puri” in Sanskrit refers to a palace or large dwelling. Although highly contemporary in expression, the design is intrinsically linked to the built history of the island and shows a deep understanding of traditional Balinese architectural concepts and their relationship to the landscape. Featuring a foreword by Darlene Smyth that puts The Jiva Puri into context before taking the reader on a detailed tour of every pavilion, and sumptuous photography by Albert Lim, the monograph also includes comprehensive plans, elevations, and details to give a fully rounded view of a villa complex that has set new standards of subtle architectural brilliance on the island.