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Portraits of the City

Byron Hawes James Moore McCown James Reid

228 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Powerful black and white photographs create a portrait of Edinburgh that truly reveals the depths of the city. Photographer James Reid masterfully takes readers on a journey through Edinburgh's familiar iconic buildings and cityscapes. Reid also asks us to look deeper in to the urban fabric of the city, as he presents us with the projects that are readily seen as stains on the contemporary city landscape: the redevelopment of public spaces to make way for new brutalist structures like St. James Centre and Edinburgh University. With photographs of the city’s architecture, culture, and history, Reid presents the reader with the multiple truths that define Edinburgh, past and present. Edinburgh: Portraits of the City is a book for those who want to take an unabridged look at the city through the lens of a photographer who, having been exposed to the diverse realities of six continents, is compelled to uncover the authenticity of place.