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L4 House

Luciano Kruk - Masterpiece Series

Carolina Quiroga Ekaterina Kunzël Daniela Mac Adden

200 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
We wanted the house to lie amid the woods. Landscape, esthetics, and common sense are the three axes that direct the work of Argentine architect Luciano Kruk. This book illustrates in great detail one of his most representative works: his own summer house. And it is precisely because it tackles a self-imposed need that his deepest insights about architecture are condensed in this house. L4 HOUSE is one of Kruk’s most mature works, one in which he managed to stretch his esthetic and spatial search to the extreme. The author’s philosophy and architectural values emerge through a thorough study of this house. "You learn watching", Luciano sometimes says. In this project as in all of his other buildings, Kruk seeks to create essential spaces where the esthetic pleasures can be enjoyed. His structures aim to provide an harmonious integration with the landscape, since he considers houses to be shelters.