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Collaborative Laboratory

Works of Archi-Union and Fab-Union

Antoine Picon Philip F. Yuan Oscar Riera Ojeda

400 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Founded by Philip F. Yuan, Archi-Union Architects is a pioneering architectural firm based in Shanghai. In addition to project accomplished and prizes awarded, Archi-Union made continuous exploration on how geometry, digital technology and material are integral to a provocative understanding of design process and realization. Germinated under this influence and initiated in 2015, Fab-Union Technology defines it's mission as the platform of research and fabrication. Structured under three major orientation: computational geometry, robotics and fab-lab, FU lays a research foundation for the design process of AU. By far, the two teams have succeeded in several projects, including West Bund Fab-Union Space(2015), Pond Society(2016), In Bamboo(2017), Cloud Village(2018)