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How Fast Can You Run

404 pages
Harvard Square Editions
Set across a backdrop of refugee migration that spans Africa America and Australia How Fast Can You Run is the inspiring story of Michael Majok Kuch and his journey to find his mother. In 1988 Majok as a five-year-old boy fled his burning village in southern Sudan when the North systematically destroyed it searching for John Garang the South's leader. Majok along with thousands of other fleeing people many of them unaccompanied minors trekked through the wilderness in Sudan Ethiopia and Kenya to arrive at a series of refugee camps where he would live for the next ten years. When the U.S. brokered an agreement granting approximately 4 000 unaccompanied minors political asylum Majok now Michael was given a new start in the U.S. Yet his new life was not without trauma. He faced prejudice once again disrupting the promise of his new beginnings. This is a story of a survivor who in facing challenge after challenge summons the courageous spirit of millions of refugees throughout history and today.