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My Favorite Color

32 pages
Nimbus Publishing

A fun, rhyming read-aloud celebrating diversity, and a tool for teaching young readers the names of all the colours of the rainbow.

Blue's my favorite color!
It really is the best.
I love my lucky socks.
Blue?s better than the rest.

What's your favorite color? When a teacher asks her students this question, one little girl just can?t decide! Enter her vibrant imagination as she considers every color and all the reasons that she loves the whole rainbow. Orange glows through autumn leaves, but pink is the color of sunsets and cotton candy! And green shines all around the garden — how will she ever choose just one favorite color?

In her debut picture book, celebrated author Lindsay Ruck joins artist Bryanna Chapeskie to create a stunning, colorful story in verse that illustrates why being unique is always something to celebrate.