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Garden Wonders

A Guidebook for Little Green Thumbs

32 pages
Nimbus Publishing

The newest book in the Little Explorers series shows young readers how to garden everything from flowers to veggies — and offers tips and tricks for keeping it all in bloom.

Let's get our hands dirty!

Whether you have a big backyard or pots on a balcony, you can grow just about anything if you have healthy soil, plenty of water, and bright sunlight. The newest book in the Little Explorers series takes young readers through every step to creating their own garden: from collecting nutrient-rich soil and choosing the right time of day to water your plants, to identifying helpful critters from unwanted pests. Featuring new vocabulary words like "germinate," "fertilizer," and "pollinator," and encouraging a microscopic look at nature, this is the perfect book for curious little gardeners.

What will you grow first?