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The Role of human resource management in organizational success

248 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Human resource management is often led and controlled by a range of systems and policies that can emanate within and outside the organization. No organization can survive without the support of human resource managers. Through meticulous consistency and professionalism, the human resources department can protect the organization from predatory employees that may be looking to exploit legal loopholes to extract unmerited compensation from the organization for the flimsiest of reasons. This book will explore various conceptualizations of human resource management. The book is aimed at those who are generally interested in working people and their experiences in the workplace. However, the book is useful for undergraduates in a range of management courses.
Author Bio
Dr Surbhi Jain is the Academic Director at TheWorldgrad She has a PhD (management) and an MBA (Marketing and HR).She has over 11 years of experience. She reads voraciously and writes eclectically.  She has authored five books on Business communication, a prescribed textbook for the Mumbai university management course. This is in addition to 5 international research papers and three international case studies published within the last four years. She is a registered PhD Supervisor.She believes in encouraging young individuals to see the beauty and potential within them and encouraging deep love and respect for others and the environment.