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The Latest technologies in agriculture and plant sciences: Improved techniques, methods, and yields

261 pages
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Agriculture production and productivity still has big potential for better that can be achieved by applying better technologies, to apply new technologies we’ve to research for it first. We are living in a world that instability in supply chains - due to many reasons - of everything including food supply chain, which necessitate us to do more effort to maximize Agriculture products and food productivity to lessen the dependence on imports which we described as instable. Investing more in agriculture research is not luxury it is a must for now and for future to secure stable agriculture products and food supply chain.
Author Bio
Dr. Hazem Shawky Fouda has a PhD. In Agriculture Sciences, obtained his PhD. from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, 2008, MSc. In Agriculture Sciences from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University in 2004, Post-Grade Diploma in Cotton, 2001, BSc. in Agriculture Sciences, from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, 1997, worked in Cotton Arbitration & Testing General Organization (CATGO) from 1999 till 2018. Was working in the International Cotton Training Center (ICTC) – Cotton Arbitration & Testing General Organization (CATGO) from 2000 till 2015, as a Lecturer & Classer's Trainer for Egyptian and foreigner classers, technicians, ginners, spinners & traders in all cotton aspects. Besides that he was an editor and active member in the Research & Translation Committee, participating in issuing weekly, monthly and annually issues about the international & local cotton market including price trends and direction, recent developments & researches concerning cotton production, protection, harvesting, ginning, fiber testing, spinning & weaving since its foundation in 2000 till 2014 and from 2015 till 2018 he worked as an inspector, since 2018 till present works as a consultant.