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Zero Waste Engineering

Navodita Bhatnagar

228 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Zero Waste Engineering discusses the basic concept of zero waste, ways to achieve zero waste, illegal dumpsites and its effects. It includes different wastes and the environmental problem associated with them. This book also discusses about the zero-waste engineering and its modelling methods, producer responsibility, the way the zero waste benefits our environment, zero waste benefits our economy. This chapter also provides the reader with insights on reasons for implementing zero waste engineering. The various developments in zero waste, the earliest initiatives in it and other related specific innovations in other countries have also been discussed. It also talks about waste to energy technologies. The readers can learn about the best waste management practices and innovations across the globe. The various sustainable technologies for zero waste have also been discussed. The various challenges and opportunities in zero waste management like moving the cities towards complete zero waste management have also been mentioned.
Author Bio
Navodita Bhatnagar finished her masters in technology and currently pursuing her PhD in environmental sciences from Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland. She’s a keen enthusiast of environment protection and management. An alumunus of Indo-German centre for sustainibility which is essentially a collaborative interface to gather scientists in the field of environment sciences to come together and work for the common cause which is environment protection.