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My Year as a Space Cadet

Nimbus Publishing

Page Stuart's perfectly organized life is flipped upside down...again.

Page is in unfamiliar territory as the new kid at school. To make matters worse, Shale Pit Academy of Creativity and Excellence (or "SPACE" as it is more commonly known) is no ordinary school. Students there have the dubious distinction of being nicknamed "SPACE cadets." No, not the astronaut-in-training meaning. Think of the other kind of space cadet—you know, someone who is out of touch with reality.

When a bitter prank war erupts with a rival school, Page and her classmates must ask themselves some difficult questions: Are they more than a nickname? Are they more than just SPACE cadets?

The follow-up to the popular Welcome to Camp Fill-in-the-Blank, My Year as a SPACE Cadet explores the importance of standing up for yourself and for others and shows how anybody can become an everyday hero.